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Will Trade... Insulated Tumbler

Will Trade... Insulated Tumbler

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When you want to be a little less fancy and a little more casual while you drink your wine, reach for this 12oz stemless wine tumbler. Introducing the "Will Trade Medical Advice For Wine" 12oz Wine Insulated Tumbler – where a sip of wine becomes the currency for the most unconventional medical consultations!

When you feel like shedding your white coat and embracing the casual side of life, this stemless tumbler is the perfect prescription for fun.

Crafted from the sturdiest double-wall stainless steel, this tumbler is practically a medical miracle – it can handle all the "emergency" wine situations without breaking a sweat!

And hold on tight, because this tumbler is about to unleash its secret potion – the vacuum insulation that keeps your wine chill or warm for double the time. A temperature consistency that even doctors can't argue with!

Polar Camel, the renowned expert in tumbler technology, brings you this quirky companion that's always ready to trade medical advice for a worthy pour.

Snap on the acrylic sipper lid, and voilà – you've got yourself a portable medical station! Whether you're mingling at a party or hosting your own "Wine & Wisdom" session, this tumbler ensures your "patients" never go thirsty.

Worried about medical ethics? Fret not! This tumbler is BPA and Lead Free – your license to prescribe sips responsibly.

But here's a gentle warning from your unorthodox doctor friend – Hand Wash Only, because nothing says "medical attention" like personal care.

And please, do us all a favor and "DO NOT Microwave" – we're here for wine therapy, not science experiments gone wrong!

So, the next time you seek a medical expert, remember the "Will Trade Medical Advice For Wine" 12oz Wine Insulated Tumbler. Embrace the unconventional, clink those glasses, and toast to health, laughter, and the most unique doctor-patient relationship ever! 

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