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"If Zombies Chase Us..." Tee

"If Zombies Chase Us..." Tee

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Elevate your style to ultimate zombie survival mode with the Gildan "If Zombies Chase Us, I'm Tripping You. (Nothing Personal)" Tee from the Cheeky Buys Boutique Collection by Thrifty Buys Boutique. This tee isn't just about fashion – it's a hilarious survival strategy!

Crafted from 5.3 oz of pre-shrunk 100% cotton, it's not just a tee; it's your apocalypse-approved attire that's ready for laughs and legacies. Who said surviving the undead couldn't be stylish?

The double-needle stitching on the neckline, hem, and sleeves? Consider it the armor against both zombies and everyday wear. And the seamless collar and shoulder-to-shoulder taping? It's the cozy embrace you need whether you're running from the living dead or just heading out for a coffee.

Colors? Oh, we've got more shades than a moonlit graveyard. Sizes? From small to 5XL, because humor transcends dimensions. And for those with grand zombie-tripping plans, sizes 3XL-5XL are within grasp with a grin-worthy $3 upgrade.

So, throw on that tee, unleash your inner zombie-tripper, and boldly proclaim, "If Zombies Chase Us, I'm Tripping You. (Nothing Personal)." It's not just clothing; it's a wicked masterpiece from the Cheeky Buys Boutique. Get ready to turn heads, spread laughter, and survive the undead in style!

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