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Cheaper Than... Insulated Tumbler

Cheaper Than... Insulated Tumbler

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Introducing the "Wine Is Cheaper Than Therapy" 12oz Wine Insulated Tumbler – your personal pocket-sized therapist, with a twist of wit and a dash of humor!

When life gets a little too serious, and you need a break from being fancy, this stemless tumbler has your back. Say goodbye to wine-induced fiascos with its ultra-durable double-wall stainless steel construction – this tumbler laughs in the face of clumsy wine moments!

Not just a tumbler – it's a temperature wizard! With its vacuum-insulated superpowers, your wine stays cooler than the other side of the pillow or warmer than a heartfelt hug. No more lukewarm regrets, just pure wine satisfaction.

Who's the mastermind behind this delightful therapy tool? None other than Polar Camel – the acclaimed guru of tumblers, always ready to help you sip in style.

Snap on the acrylic sipper lid and take your therapy sessions on the move! Whether you're enjoying a wild weekend with friends or seeking solace in a quiet moment alone, this tumbler keeps your therapy close at hand.

Worried about your wellbeing? Fear not, this tumbler is BPA and Lead Free – a certified prescription for worry-free sips. So go ahead, indulge in your liquid therapy without a care!

One tiny request from your new therapy buddy – Hand Wash Only! Give it the pampering it deserves because this tumbler knows it's worth it. And please, no microwave dramas – it's all about keeping things chill and drama-free.

So, when life has you spinning like a tipsy grapevine, remember: "Wine Is Cheaper Than Therapy" 12oz Wine Insulated Tumbler is your delightful remedy. Pour yourself a glass, embrace the humor, and toast to the cheapest therapy session in town! 

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