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Wine Time Insulated Tumbler

Wine Time Insulated Tumbler

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Get ready to elevate your wine experience with the amazing "Wine Time" 12oz Wine Insulated Tumbler! This charming and stylish tumbler is the ultimate must-have for any wine enthusiast who wants to unwind and savor every sip of their favorite vino. With this incredible tumbler, you can enjoy your wine in style and comfort, without any hassle!

Crafted by Polar Camel, this tumbler has ultra-durable double-wall stainless steel construction that can withstand even the wildest wine night shenanigans. No more worrying about fragile glassware! Thanks to its vacuum-insulated technology, your wine will stay perfectly chilled for twice as long. Say goodbye to glass or plastic containers - upgrade to the "Wine Time" tumbler and take your wine-drinking experience to the next level.

Enjoy the modern elegance of this stemless tumbler with its snap-on acrylic sipper lid - perfect for the wine lover on the go. Whether you prefer a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a rich Merlot, this tumbler ensures every sip is a delightful treat.

But that's not all - the "Wine Time" tumbler also prioritizes your health with its BPA and Lead-Free construction so you can sip away without any worries.

Remember, this tumbler requires a little TLC. It's best to hand wash only and avoid microwaving it. Embrace the sophistication of Wine Time without sacrificing its charm.

So there you have it - the "Wine Time" 12oz Wine Insulated Tumbler: your wine's newest best friend and your go-to for the coziest and sassiest sips. Cheers to great taste, durability, and the joy of embracing your inner wine connoisseur.

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